Zack Zalon Interview Excerpt Part 2- Elevator Labs & Brendon Cassidy

Elevator currently has 3 ideas that in various stages of development, although you will have to wait to see the ideas. Zack Zalon, Brendon Cassidy and team don't want to announce anything before it is ready for release.

The Los Angeles tech scene is growing and Elevator Labs is positioning itself to be a leading invention company and idea incubator.

Elevator Labs wants to be part of the next generation of success  stories the keeps that cyclical positive momentum going around LA based innovation.

The thing that separates Zack Zalon and team is that there is a lot of companies and individuals focusing on the other side of the business which is investment, while Elevator Labs is focus on ideas and invention.

Zack Zalon has been in the interactive space for 16 years. Everything that Zack has ever built has been built out of Los Angeles. Zack Zalon mentions that San Fransisco and the Bay Area get a lot f attention for technology and invention and rightly so, get a lot of credit as entrepreneurial hotbeds of activity and believe Los Angeles deserves a bit of that credit as well and thinks that perception of LA is starting to change. We are starting to see more activity generated, but there is still some energy left that needs to go into the scene.

Zack Zalon also mentions that he doesn't believe Elevator Labs is the spark, but they want to be part of the spark that is already growing in the LA scene. Zack acknowledges that Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world.

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